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Q & A On Our Print Shop




Question? What is your turn around time on print orders?

Answer- 7 to 10 business days after receiving apparel to shop

Question? "What is standard print size?"

Answer- Max allowed 16 wide x 20 tall

               24-30 inches is oversized and additional  

               charges will apply

Question? "What type of files do you accept?"

Answer- Vector art built in Illustrator

Question? "What is considered a "full" front?"

Answer- 9 to 12 inches

Question? "How big is a badge chest print?"

Answer- These sizes can vary but standard is 3.5 inches

Question? "What is speciality inks?"

Answer- Inks that are out of the ordinary. We have foil, glitter, neons

               just to name a few.

Question? "What is your approval process?"

Answer- We will provide you with a virtual proof via email before your order is

               processed IF REQUESTED. We DO NOT print samples prior to

               production unless aranged in advance with your sales rep.

Question? "Do you do contract printing?"

Answer- We do provide A Lot of contract printing for regular apparel

               decorating. We receive daily shipments from UPS, Fed EX, On

               Track and can ship out daily. We also provide a one on one

                personal decoration experience. We strive on attention and

                details to ensure a quality product with great customer service

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